May is National Masturbation Month – say what?

masturbation-4574-2121National Masturbation Month has officially made it into the calendar year and if you haven’t started, now’s the time because we’re well into May now! The idea of this month is to celebrate and raise awareness of things such as female masturbation which some people allege carries stigma. However, some may argue having an entire month dedicated to female masturbation isn’t a feminist act but something that causes discomfort to many and perhaps it even makes some people feel pressure.

A lot of people think this is a great opportunity to bring up the “self love” conversation, and perhaps that’s true if love is defined as a physical act – but Sarah Webb, Director of Relationship Free, feels differently saying:

“I’m set to release my first eBook: 100% Self Love: the roadmap to the love and life you desire … it makes it a little awkward to announce that to my family and friends, when so many people believe that self love is masturbation. What do they really think they’ll see between the pages of my book? The best positions to do it when you’re by yourself? Where that spot really is?”

Ms Webb points out that masturbation is an act of self love but not a defining feature.

“My book is not about any of these things – it’s a lot more holistic and masturbation actually doesn’t factor in – that’s optional…



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