Thank you for being my “friend” – the people we love on Facebook

friends_smlWhile we acknowledge toxic people on our Facebook to help us decide how we can create the best space for us, it’s important to also acknowledge the people we love and adore. Social Media isn’t all bad – it just depends what space you want to create. This week Relationship Free looks at how you can create the healthiest online space for you!

The entrepreneur
My Facebook is full of these amazing people who each are trying to create different things and are not only bright and positive themselves, but they encourage their fellow entrepreneurs – which works well for me! These are the cheerleaders you need in your life if you’re starting your own business or looking for some positive energy on a cloudy day.

The optimist
You know the one – they’re always posting the latest positive meme or information about the next speaker event you should attend. They have their finger on the pulse with everything vibrant, hip, happening and exciting that’s coming your way. They’re the first to invite you to the next social gathering that’s coming up – there’s always room and space for you. These are the dreamers and the believers who lift you up.



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