Quit being a Facebook bitch! Are you toxic to the digital space?


Don’t let toxic people infect you with the fear of giving and receiving one of the most powerful forces in this world… LOVE! Yvonne Pierre

With all different people and personalities on social media, it’s not surprising that some people are more toxic than others. However, some toxic behaviours that are unacceptable in reality are now becoming more and more common in these digital settings. Some of these behaviours may be things you do to certain people on your digital channels.

Everyone decides who joins their digital space differently. However, if you’ve invited someone into your circle who you don’t actually enjoy spending time with you receiving information from – that is not just toxic for the other person, but it is also toxic for you and can hurt your self esteem by causing you to think negatively every time they pop up in your feed.

First, it’s important to acknowledge, if it’s no longer fun – it’s toxic. If you’re tired or drained after cruising through your Facebook feed, it’s fair to say you have toxic people in your social circle and it’s time to re-evaluate. Remind yourself of this like a mantra: quality not quantity – it will be essential to your wellbeing.

The toxic behaviours which I’m exposing today to draw consciousness to include:

Social exclusion

I don’t know why people do this because if you ask me, it just makes them look like a complete jerk –but if you look at some feeds you’ll notice someone says a comment and a series of people respond to it. You like it and the comment goes away. The person who is hosting the conversation (aka posted the comment) then writes on it again and it appears in your feed. You notice they went back through and acknowledged every single comment on their post with a like or reply except for ONE person! Another example of this kind of social exclusion is scrolling down someone’s wall and you notice someone has asked them a question – say they want to meet up to reunite after years apart because they’re in the neighbourhood, or they want a hand with something – and the person they’re trying to communicate with didn’t acknowledge it, but a post made by other people on either side of that person’s comment has their undivided attention… It’s just RUDE! Sure, maybe they missed that one comment, but it appears unlikely if they’re particularly active before and after it.

OK, so if this has happened to you – I recommend deleting the person who ignored you because that is not a friend, in any sense of the word.

My digital rule of thumb is: if I have time for you and put energy into responding to something, I’d appreciate the same courtesy from people who I invite into my social circle.

The shameless pessimist

Have you got a constantly negative friend? They’re always down on this, that and the other and if they’re not down on that, they’re down on something you say? It’s like you’re Pooh Bear and they’re Eeor.

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