How to turn down the voice of the inner critic


There is nothing worse than betraying yourself. Oprah

Have you ever noticed while being critical of others, your own journey stops? Sometimes we can
focus on other people’s faults to our own fault – and it can be something small and ridiculous we won’t let go of. For example, imagine you had the perfect partner – they fit in with the family, they treat you well with your best interests at heart … but … they snore. So you’re thinking of leaving them because you need your rest. It sounds ridiculous but in actual fact, it would appear not many people have a partner who doesn’t come without a even the smallest “but”. Here’s the thing we need to remember: no one is perfect and it is impossible to accept those small “but”s.

So how can you drop this critical mindset to embrace your journey? Find out here!


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2 responses to “How to turn down the voice of the inner critic”

  1. therapyjourney says :

    Your projects and endeavors are really taking off – so pleased for you!

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