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Saving long term relationships, putting the spark back in marriages, helping people break free of toxic relationships and getting people excited about being single and living life again is all in a day’s work at Relationship Free. Don’t let the name fool you – every day we work to help people decide who is the best partner for them, how to save a current relationship or marriage – even after infidelity, and finding yourself again.

We get to the core of the issue and work to resolve underlying issues while offering tools to correct the current issue causing people pain.

What makes us different?

Generally when we’re looking outside a relationship for someone else, or we’re feeling controlled in an abusive relationship, or we’re bordering on leaving the relationship we’ve been in for a long time or a partner we chose to marry, we may be excited by the idea of some freedom. What if we told you that you don’t need to look too far? Relationship Free helps clients find the freedom within to be your best self and work towards resolving unconscious issues, cycles and patterns that are bringing your relationships down or leading you to unhealthy relationships. Our tagline is “Find the freedom within to be your best self”.

What makes us awesome?

We don’t judge! Client after client we receive feedback at the end of a call telling us how great we were because despite whatever information may be disclosed we withhold judgement. A lot of people find it difficult to get the most out of therapy and counselling because of the fear holding them back from being completely open and honest during their session. Relationship Free quickly builds rapport and works to resolve the problem and empower the client at the same time as making them feel better about things. Where there’s a fork in the road, we cut through and help people decide the best path to take for them and equip them with the steps to follow through with it.

What makes us special?

You never know when that moment will come up in life where you need support around your relationship and everywhere you turn you feel alone, abandoned and as though either decision is a loss or someone will get hurt. Sarah Webb is a relationship coach and expert equipped to handle even the trickiest relationship traumas and issues with a knowledge and her own experiences extending well beyond life coaching. “I’ve been in toxic relationships, I ended up in a relationship where I was abused in every way possible, so badly I thought I’d never escape – and I didn’t want to leave at the time – that man tried to take my life three times. I survived and now I want to help others through it and offer an alternative to traditional therapy – just because you feel as though you may be going insane, doesn’t mean you are,” Sarah says.

What do we believe?

Every issue has a fundamental underlying issue that comes back to us. We each have the power within to shift and change this and to offer ourselves the freedom from the problem we seek. At times when we are stuck, cycles are repeating or patterns are occurring, it’s because these underlying issues are often unresolved. Relationship Free cuts through this and works to develop the steps and offer support to strengthen you in your journey. We help men, women, married couples, singles and everything in between – our work is tailored for the individual.

Where can you find us?

Our website is at – and you can book your appointment online. You can also find Relationship Free on Facebook. Spread the word – it could save a marriage, a relationship or even a person.


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