With love The Happiness Hero

happy_2I’m really excited to announce Happiness Weekly is back online! Our Facebook account is now active and we’re set to go with some very exciting news to share, new blogs, a different writing style and more!

During the break I actually received a submission for Happiness Weekly from my colleague, Craig, who saw something on the way to work one morning and it reminded him of Happiness Weekly. That afternoon he returned to the spot to take photos of it and I wanted to share the Happiness Hero’s action-packed version of events:


“Picture this…

Pulled up my car in a side street…

Walked to the bus stop where the chair was…

People everywhere…

When I took the photos I was standing in the middle of a bus lane – pretty wild – cars traffic…

Some chick called out “Are u a reporter?”

Well I could not resist the opportunity: “Yes I replied – I am on an assignment for “Happiness Weekly.org.”

For a minute I really thought I was a reporter – till a bus tooted me and shocked me back into reality … Doooohhh!

Have a good day!”


Here are the photos he took for us:



Thank you, Craig the Happiness Hero!

If you have a submission you would like to make to Happiness Weekly, email it to info@happinessweekly.org and we’ll put it up for you or you can post it on our Facebook page and we’ll share it for you.

Happy Independence Day everybody – catch you on Monday!


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Happiness Weekly encourages readers to proactively work towards a successful, happy and secure existence. Just like happiness – Happiness Weekly is for everyone.

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