Ten tips to start again and achieve a better outcome

Starting Over Again (title)

Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending. Carl Bard

Starting again can become almost habitual for some people and they are now experts in their own routine, but for others it can be a real challenge. Being a new year, many people hit the refresh button on certain areas of their lives – some, on all areas of their life.

The other day I was asked how you can guarantee that when you start again, each move you make is leading you to a better outcome from where you were before. Good question! This week Happiness Weekly looks at how you can start again and guarantee yourself better results than before.

Step one – make a plan
If you have a plan with goals you want to reach and targets to achieve, you will always be moving forward. But if you move forward blindly, you will find it hard to know if you’re on the right track or reverting back to old ways.

Step two – out with the old, in with the new
Surround yourself with as many positive people, quotes and mementos as you can while you’re going through your change. This will ensure you stay on a positive path and are lead towards more good people and friends. If you have anything residual from your previous experience that has lead you to make this change – I recommend getting rid of it and not giving it another thought.

Step three – allow yourself to feel your emotions
Allow yourself some time and space to really feel the emotions as you go through this change and start again. New beginnings can sometimes be disguised as painful endings, so you may be grappling with various emotions and a lot of them may be negative and holding you back as you’re trying to move forward. There’s no right or wrong here, but the fastest way to moving forward is to enable yourself to process these emotions completely, as painful as it may be. The ideal is to spend 20% of your time on what’s wrong and 80% of your time on what’s right – so I recommend setting aside 30 minutes each day to release any negative emotions before spending the following hour reminding yourself of all the positives surrounding your new life as a result of this new start. Keep doing this until your emotions have fully processed.

Step five – watch your actions
With positive action comes positive thought. Watch the actions you are taking in moving forward. This will reveal if you are truly making a fresh start for the better, or if you’re just running away with intention to return to the past later. If you’re doing something that is aligned to your old routine, start a new routine. If your actions are negative, replace them with something more positive and healthy. Feel free to change your routine completely. For example, I used to be a morning person who loved watching the sunrise – now I sleep in and look forward to watching the sunset. A change in perspective can also sometimes be enough to change your actions.

Step six – squash negative thoughts
If you have a negative thought, or if someone says something negative to you about your changes, make sure you nip it in the bud. Negativity tends to draw us back and drain us of energy. If you are surrounded with a positive energy, you will attract more like-minded people and you’ll have more energy to make more positive changes or to move faster towards your next goal, leading you further away from yesterday.

Step seven – take it one day at a time
There’s no race to the finish line when you’re starting again. Take each day as it comes and really sit back and enjoy the journey. Spend time reading positive quotes. Talk to positive people about their ideas and goals. It’ll open your mind and could lead you to meeting some truly wonderful people who will be welcome on the journey.

Step eight – don’t be jaded
Sometimes we’re forced to start again, rather than choosing it. It could be that we’ve been made redundant from our job or we have discovered we have a health condition that doesn’t allow us to keep our usual routine – don’t be jaded about the changes you have to make. Being jaded or bitter about the changes will drain your energy better spent on looking at how you can make positive changes for yourself. Do some research online for your individual situation and see if you can take some other creative steps to help make your journey more exciting.

Step nine – make yourself proud
If you’re starting again – at the end of the day this is a decision you have made to take positive steps for yourself. Make yourself proud. Live each day for you. While you’re settling into your new start, make sure you do something for yourself every day. Give yourself two months that includes one positive act every day.

Step ten – be mindful
Take time to review the steps you’re taking and the outcomes you are achieving. In order to reach a better outcome than last time, you need to be mindful that your decisions and actions are getting positive results. Being mindful about these things may draw you back to some things that appear like small incidences but these things will build up, so it’s important to regularly take stock along the way. Meditation may also be recommended to assist you in being mindful of your journey and it will also decrease any stress you may have.

Keep your determination – starting again is just the beginning!




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