How to do a lot in a short period of time


Do three things well, not ten things badly. David Segrove.

Sometimes we can get overwhelmed by the amount of things we need to do or “make happen” in the shortest period of time. You may already know that generally there are three points to achieving things and one of these points generally needs to be dropped in order to achieve the others: Time, Quality and Cost.

1. Get on with it!

The first mistake a lot of people seem to make when trying to achieve a lot in a short period of time, is they sit there prioritising and re-prioritising what needs to be done. The best way to get things done and achieve things quickly is to simply get started. Each moment you spend working towards achieving your tasks when you’re on a tight deadline counts!

2. Keep a to do list

When we are overwhelmed with a series of tasks we need to complete, it can be very easy to let something drop. Keep a “to do” list handy and refer to it at the conclusion of each task to check it off the list.

3. Leave accuracy til last

Don’t focus too much on the quality and detail of your task while you are trying to complete it – you can go over that before the final product needs to be submitted to where ever it needs to go.

4. Delegate where you can

To increase the chances of submitting a high quality task for a cheap cost, you could see if some of the tasks on your list that need to be completed would be better delegated somewhere else.

5. Try to multi-task

When you get tired or feel drained working on one of your tasks – try to put some of your energy in one of the other tasks that needs to be completed. This will hopefully keep your mind fresh and bring new perspective to what you are working on. If you can keep working and work on several projects at once and use your time wisely, you will be more likely to achieve your deadline.

6. Take breaks

Don’t forget to have some down-time too. Try to avoid working too late in the evening or too early in the morning. Everyone needs some time to refresh before getting back into it each day. Working around the clock will almost certainly affect the quality of your work – even with a lot of coffee! Also remember to take short breaks – even just five or ten minutes – to allow yourself to refocus.

7. Avoid getting overwhelmed

Continue focusing on your tasks and progress rather than looking at how much more needs to be done and the impending deadline. Remember what needs to be achieved, bear in mind the time frame you are looking to achieve these tasks and work as hard as you can to get through it. When you start feeling overwhelmed, look over how much has already been accomplished.


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