The 24-Hour Happiness Makeover


I think happiness is what makes you pretty. Period. Happy people are beautiful. They become like a mirror and they reflect happiness. Drew Barrymore

When we’re feeling miserable, it’s human instinct to find the fastest source of happiness in the shortest amount of time. Some people turn to drugs and alcohol for this reason. But there are other healthy options available that you should be aware of. Whenever I’m down, I give myself time for a 24-hour makeover to revitalise my happiness.

This week Happiness Weekly shares a 24-hour makeover plan that could have you feeling happier than doing nothing but sitting in the slump of a depression. If nothing else, it’ll distract you long enough to feel OK again! Your day will be broken down into various parts and activities, try to follow it as closely as you can.

Take the day off work
The best way to make the 24-hour happiness makeover most effective is to take the day off work to complete it. Whether it’s a planned annual leave day or an urgent sick day, make sure you take the time for yourself and ensure your happiness is shining as bright as can be.

Watch the sunrise/sunset
If you live in Sydney (Australia), one thing you must do is catch the 5.30am Manly Ferry (wharf 4) from Circular Quay to Manly and watch the sunrise on Manly Beach. It’s well worth getting out of bed for! The energy around you as you watch the sunrise is magic as fitness freaks pass you by, meanwhile you can relax, concentrate on your breathing and the beauty of a new day beginning. If you’re not in Sydney, any beach where you can see a magnificent sunrise is recommended … if you’re on the west coast, make some time in the afternoon to catch the sunset over the water.

Go for a 7-10km walk
There are three essentials for this walk: water, happy and motivating music and sunshine! Now find a flat path that enables you to be in the sun for half to two-thirds of the time and walk as fast as you can – really stretch it out – for seven to ten kilometres. Why seven to ten kilometres? Because this is enough time to awaken your endorphins, raise your heartbeat and it will clear your mind. Spare some time to race home and have a quick shower before you start the next part of the day.

Take yourself out to brunch
Choose a nice café or restaurant and go and enjoy some brunch on your own. While you do some people watching, pick out the features in those surrounding you that you like. Nice eyes, nice dress, nice suit … whatever it may be. Make sure you choose something healthy on the menu, the idea is to feel as good as possible. Don’t eat too much because feeling bloated will just weigh you down. Perhaps go for eggs or fruit salad and yoghurt. Once your food arrives, go on your phone and pick out something you would like to do this evening – options may be: theatre, going to the movies, watching a stand-up comedian, seeing a concert, going salsa dancing etc. Make it something you really want to do, but generally you can’t find someone to accompany you.

Hit the beauty salon and/or hairdresser
If you’re a lady, you’ll know that nothing makes you feel better than a good overhaul. Have your eyebrows shaped, get a pedicure and manicure, get a spray tan … and once you’re finished in the beautician, head to a hairdresser and have your hair done! Splurge as much as you can afford to make yourself feel as good as possible. If you’re a man, you can keep it simple but do something to a similar effect: have a shave and get your hair done. If you can afford it, and have time, throw in a massage on top of this – there’s no rush!

Relax for two hours
You’ll probably be a little tired from the early start, particularly if you’re not a great morning person – and not everyone is – head home and relax for a couple of hours. Spend your first hour lying down and/or meditating. Make sure you set your alarm in case you fall asleep. If you do fall asleep, let yourself. During the second hour watch YouTube interviews with models, actors, actresses, motivational speakers and other people who inspire you to feel good about yourself. If you can’t think of someone or can’t find a good interview, watching a movie that makes you feel happy may also help.

Listen to music as you get ready to go out
Now turn on some music that you really enjoyed about five to ten years ago. Be shameless. For example, I would choose Spice Girls. Why? Because their music makes me feel happy and it’s all about positivity. Crank it up nice and loud and start getting ready to go out! Take your time, make yourself look as good as you possibly can, if you make a mistake or you can’t do something exactly, give yourself a break – tonight, good is good enough!

Now head out!
Get ready to party with your brightest smile – don’t let anything hold you back. You look fantastic, you’ve had a day off, you should be feeling quite good. Grab something light to eat and enjoy whatever entertainment you chose! Tonight is all about you! If you want something while you’re out, get it.

Bonus tip
If you find yourself with spare time throughout the day, it may be worth contacting a photographer and seeing if you can get a few last minute photos, now that you are feeling a little more vibrant.

Note: It’s important to note that this blog is based on quick-fix activities rather than a long-term sustainable solution to your happiness. It should certainly give you the burst you need! Have fun! 🙂





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