Quick tips to setting great New Year resolutions


Making resolutions is a cleansing ritual of self assessment and repentance that demands personal honesty and, ultimately, reinforces humility. Eric Zorn

One resolution I have made, and try always to keep, is this: to rise above the little things. John Burroughs

I think in terms of the day’s resolutions, not the year’s.
Henry Moore

Not everyone sets New Year Resolutions because they find it difficult to stick to, maybe they forget or they’re just not that way inclined, but in my opinion having New Year Resolutions sets the tone and direction for the year! This week Happiness Weekly gives you some quick tips to setting the ultimate New Year Resolution list – remember to check back regularly and even aim to refresh these in June! (It should also be mentioned that I think of my resolutions as a wish, so I rarely share my resolutions with anyone – but I will tell you what I did this year to assist you in achieving the same success that I have.)

Select a few mottos to set the tone
The first thing I do when I sit down to choose my resolutions for the year is select three or four mottos which I like to stick to throughout the year. These mottos set the tone for the year and keep me grounded when things feel a little tricky. For example this year I had:
– Be the best I can be every day
– Every challenge is an opportunity
– Expect the best, achieve the best
– Listen hard, learn fast, go far.

Write four key areas for improvement
I then select four key areas in my life that need improvement: Career, Social, Personal and Health and wellbeing. Once I list them, I write one key affirmation for each of them – this points me in the right direction for the year. My affirmations for 2012 were:

I’m a successful high-achiever that has high aspirations and ambitions and can make things happen

People enjoy being around me, I’m popular, sociable and fun

I am a confident, successful and classy woman – the “full package”

I have a healthy appearance and I have outstanding physical health.

List how you will bring your affirmations to life
I think sit down and think about how I’m going to make that affirmation, under that particular category come true. Each goal needs to be in line with the mottos that I have set. Here’s what I listed in 2012:

– Commit to work – this is my absolute priority, attend every single day and be at my best
– Act where possible, avoid laziness at all times, always take initiative
– Meet as many new people as I can and make the most of every day.

– Be positive at all times, ensure my energy is happy, be encouraging
– Associate with the best of the best: positive professionals with high standards, values, morals and expectations
– Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are (before trusting, check out their friends)
– Meet up with friends where possible – avoid laziness.

– Continue to work on how I perceive myself
– Believe in myself. Be myself all the time – if I don’t like who I am, change it so I am
– Achieve total independence, be responsible and accountable at all times
– Stick to my budget at all times, stay creative, always look your best and work to feel your best.

Review your goals in June
Check in regularly to see how you’re going with each of your goals. If you aren’t sure how you’re tracking because these kinds of goals aren’t that easy to track, check back in in June and start writing more solid goals. Keep asking yourself “how will I achieve this?” until you have more specific goals.

How did the year wrap up?
You may have noticed that nothing on my list is particularly direct. I didn’t say I wanted to achieve five or five hundred new girlfriends – I just said I wanted more (not that I don’t have girlfriends or I have a lot of trouble making girlfriends – I tend to get on with most people, but this is an example). Why? This year I made more girlfriends than any other year, and a lot more than I expected. By not having a figure, it enabled me be open minded and satisfied with whatever I did make, which encouraged me to continue working on other goals. I also didn’t mention what kind of girlfriends they would be – would they be acquaintances? Or close social friends? Because it didn’t matter, I was more open to making new girlfriends in both categories which assisted in having stronger relationships with females in general. Having this general, high-level list of New Year resolutions assisted me in setting a separate goals list (which included breaking habits, losing weight and the general things people put on their New Year resolutions list) for the year, without boxing me in and setting me up for failure. The trick to setting New Year resolutions is to be nurturing enough in the way it is done that you actually encourage yourself into keeping them and make it difficult not to achieve but still challenging enough that it needs to be worked towards.

What New Year resolutions do you set each year? Do you check back in? How often? How do you achieve them? When you achieve a New Year resolution, do you celebrate it?


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