How to survive a bad day at work and return home happy

If you want the rainbow – you gotta put up with the rain. Dolly Parton

It’s become a fact that happy employees make organisations successful – which is why so many companies are catering for people with flexible working hours and staff benefits.

According to research, and the Action For Happiness website, there are three fundamental human needs that must be satisfied for us to function well and be psychologically healthy:
– Autonomy – having choice over our behaviour and actions
– Mastery – feeling competent
– Relatedness – feeling connected to and cared about by others.

You don’t have to be earning hundreds of thousands of dollars to be happy, in fact, there are few who are happy doing this. Often our work detracts from happiness rather than adding to it – so how do you survive a bad day and return home happy?

Be kind to yourself
Everyone has bad moments at work. Take time out, make a cup of coffee, talk to someone, go to the bathroom, walk around the office… whatever it is, just take some time to yourself before going back to work. This will give you time to refocus. Always make sure you take your lunch break – there are no prizes for working overtime and burning out.

Think positive
Remind yourself of the positive aspects of your job and even how you felt when you first got your job. Consider the friends you have made in meeting your work colleagues. Block any negative people or thoughts from your mind, it may be hard, but it will help you get through the day. SHUN OFFICE POLITICS – no one needs that! Remember, tomorrow is a new day and look ahead.

Challenge yourself
Like anything that will lead you to happiness, you need to set your own goals and find your own challenges. If you’re always doing what is asked of you, maybe it’s time to step up and go above and beyond to get a boost.

Re-prioritise your workload
If something has happened to unsettle your day, you may need to adjust your priorities for the day – but always make sure the last half an hour of your day is spent doing something you enjoy within your role.

Focus on what you CAN do
If your boss is upset about something you haven’t done as well as you could have, focus on one of your strengths for the next hour, to boost your confidence back up. And remember, if you’re struggling, you can always ask for help.

Leave it at work
Just as you leave a bad day in your relationship at home and don’t talk about it at work, it is also important that when you return home for the day without anything good to say about your work, then don’t mention it at all. Find another way to alleviate the stress – it will make you feel much better about it.


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